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Yosemite Tour Reviews - Winter Yosemite Tours

We were lucky enough to visit Yosemite in the snow, something which was truly awe inspiring, and I would say the best part of our 2 week vacation to the States. Hiking through a blizzard to the sequoias is something we know we will never be able to do again.

Roman improvised as the weather was chilly and took us to the Ahwahnee hotel to rest over lunch - an excellent idea to warm ourselves before beginning the second part of the day.

Yosemite Tour Reviews - Yosemite 1 Day Tours

This is a very long day especially with a young child but is well worth doing.The visitor centre museum is very interesting and our daughter enjoyed talking to the lady weaving small baskets whose grandmother had made some of the large baskets on display. Every effort was made to ensure everybody's comfort throughout the tour and the driver spoke to everyone individually during the tour.

Thank you for wonderful trip to yosemite and I'd like to enjoy same trip when the weather is fine. I also want to give heartfelt appreciation to Rob for the safe driving and the information on the way to the destination.

We had a superb day out. Yosemite was awesome. Jack was a great host.We would recommend this tour.

The visit to the park was the highlight.Jack's running commentary was enjoyable

The tour guide, Jack, was very knowledgeable and brought some other interesting historical and local stories and facts about the areas that made the tour a very special time for us.

We also took the city tour with Robin as the tour driver. He too was wonderful and all responses above also applied to that tour. Wonderful company with great employees. thank you.

Our driver Ralph was personable, very courteous, and just a very nice guy. Enjoyed the fact that there were people from different parts of the world.

The personal touch of the tour. Our guide (forgot his name, but I'm sure you can find out) was the best guide I've ever had, and I've been on a lot of tours! The tour was informative and also a lot of fun!

Make sure you keep this tour guide! He's the best!

Our tour guide, Devin, had a great personality and tried hard to make everyone feel comfortable. He was also very knowledgeable and provided a lot of interesting insights not just about Yosemite and the Sequoias, but about Northern California' geography, agriculture. etc. He was absolutely outstanding and deserves a raise!

I can't speak highly enough about Devin and the extra dimension of courtesy, fun and knowledge he brought to the tour.

My mom and I had a wonderful time. Jack was a terrific tour guide, very knowledgeable about things on his tour, very attentive to his passengers. If we're ever back in San Francisco, we'll be doing another Extranomical Adventure!

Driving through the city, then farmland, then mountains. My mom and I enjoyed seeing a little bit of everything. And Yosemite was wonderful!

Our driver, Brad was fantastic - informative and courteous to our needs, everything a driver should be. Yosemite was wonderful, a truly magnificent place which I am delighted to have seen.

Thank you for making our time in California so special

Yosemite Tour Reviews - 2 Day Yosemite Tours

We booked our five night hotel and three tours with Extranomical. The Vantaggio Cosmo hotel and tours were above our expectations. Thank you for a grand vacation in San Francisco and vicinity!

The enthusiasm and knowledge of our guides on each of our tours, one-day Yosemite, Muir Woods & Wine Country, and the Monterrey excursion.

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