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Yosemite National Park History

What follows is a collection of both narrated and user-submit articles pertaining to Yosemite National Park history. Each article follows a different path back into Yosemite history that many have long forgotten. The Yosemite history that follows is best experience on any one of our 5 day Yosemite tours. And as always, if you have any Yosemite history that you would like to add to the collection simply contact .

Yosemite National Park History - American Indians

Yosemite National Park History - American Indians

Native Americans were the first people to contribute to Yosemite history. These Native Americans, who called themselves, “Ahwahneechee,” didn't start their contribution to Yosemite history until about 4,000 years ago when they first inhabited the land. The first contribution they made as Native Americans was giving Yosemite Valley the name of Ahwahnee. Later Euro Americans would make their contribution to Yosemite history by repeatedly mispronouncing this word until it became know as Yosemite. Thus Ahwahnee become Yosemite Valley and the spread of Yosemite history began.

The Ahwahneechee people were the only inhabitants of this beautiful piece of Yosemite history until the year 1851. This is when more pages were added to the Yosemite history books. 1851 was the year that hundreds of Americans flocked to California in search for gold seeking fame and fortune. Yosemite history reveals that after eroding the land with greed and after numerous cruelties to the Native Americans, most only found a small amount of gold. However spirits were rebuilt with the discovery of Yosemite Valley.

You can discover the awe and beauty of Yosemite National Park as well as explore the rich Yosemite history on a Yosemite Giant Sequoias Tour. On our tours we'll make you feel like a Native American by taking you back to the rich Yosemite history of this gorgeous national park.

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Yosemite National Park History - Yosemite's Founding Fathers

Yosemite National Park History - Yosemite's Founding Fathers

John Muir is most well-known by Yosemite history as the founder of Yosemite and all of the Yosemite history within. John Muir's initial exploration of Yosemite history was in March of 1868. After arriving in San Francisco he made his way East for eight days in presuit of Yosemite history. It is ever since then that he was consumed by all of its picturesque landscape. While in Yosemite Muir was both a sheep herder and a fery operator. It was during this time he began to make his contributions to Yosemite history. His biggest contributions to Yosemite history were probably his theories about how the valley was formed. At the time a commanly accepted theory come up with by Josiah Whitney was that a serious earthquake was how the valley was formed. John Muir quickly realized that it was actually erosion caused by a glacier in the last ice age that created the Yosemite Valley.

No temple made with hands can compare with Yosemite, and [Yosemite is] the grandest of all special temples of Nature. ~John Muir

Another well-known contributor to Yosemite history is the late president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. In 1864 during the American Civil war, Abraham Lincoln contributed a grant to the state of California for the purpose of preserving Yosemite Valley and the Mariposa Grove. As well as our yosemite bus tour, you can also see the Mariposa grove on our Yosemite Giant Sequoia Tour.

If you have any other information you feel should be contributed to the Yosemite history section of our national park guide, please send it to . We look forward to hearing what you have to say!

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Yosemite National Park

Yosemite Park

The National Park Service is a great resource for anything about US National parks.

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