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National Park Hiking

Yosemite National Park has many scenic routes available for national park hiking. The national park hiking trails is probably the most popular and arguably the best way to experience Yosemite park. Yosemite National Park offers miles of both paved, unpaved, easy, as well as difficult national park hiking trails. Surely you will be able to find one national park hiking trail that suites your desires while on your Yosemite tours. And remember that national park hiking is best experienced while on a relaxing overnight tour such as our 2 Day Yosemite Tours or our longer 5 Day Yosemite Tours. This gives you the opportunity to fully enjoy the national park hiking with more time to enjoy it.

National Park Hiking - Wawona Directory

Wawona is a peaceful and private little community nestled inside a mountain valley. Wawona offers some of quietest national park hiking in Yosemite. Because Wawona is somewhat cut off from the usual hustle and bustle of Yosemite National Park tourists you will be more than able of enjoying relaxing national park hiking. Below are listed some common national park hiking trails.

Trail Starting Point Miles Difficulty Hours

Wawona Meadow Loop Wawona Hotel 3.5 Easy 1.5

Swinging Bridge Loop Wawona Store / Pioneer 4.75 Moderate 2

National Park Hiking - Glacier Point Road

Glacier point is argued to be one of the better views in Yosemite National Park. As well as offering you a great view of a colorful sunset or a gloomy thunderstorm hovering over Half dome and an aerial view of Yosemite Falls, Glacier point has many national park hiking trails that are well suited for any sight-seeking tourist. Below are listed some common national park hiking trails.

Trail Starting Point Miles Difficulty Hours

Taft Point Taft Point parking area 2.2 Moderate 2

Sentinel Dome Sentinel Dome parking area 2.2 Moderate ?

National Park Hiking - Tuolumne

On a national park hiking trip through Tuolumne you'll enjoy the many cascades, lakes, and rolling rock-scattered hills. Below are listed some common national park hiking trails.

Trail Starting Point Miles Difficulty Hours

Soda Springs / Parsons Lodge Lembert Dome parking area 1.5 Easy 1

John Muir Trail Dog Lake parking area 8 Easy 3-4

Harden Lake White Wolf 9 Moderate 4-6

Yosemite Valley Prcpn Creek Porcupine Creek 7 Moderate ?

Lembert Dome Tuolumne Meadows Store 4 Difficult ?

Foresta via Big Oak Flat Road Tamarack Flat Campground entrance 10-12 Moderate ?

National Park Hiking - Checklist

On setting our for any national park hiking excursion it's a good idea to make and stick to a strict list of things to bring, rules to obey, and things to keep in mind while on your national park hiking trip. Below are some national park hiking suggestions and helpful hints.

National Park Hiking - Good Practices

1. Pack plenty of waters (no sodas or dense juices) and drink them often.

2. Do not take shortcuts while enjoying national park hiking. It is dangerous and will erode the national park hiking trails.

3. Bring along a backpack or large fanny pack while enjoying national park hiking. You should remember to bring drink and perhaps food, as well as perhaps a change of cooler clothes and warmer clothes if hiking during the winter months.

4. National park hiking can often be dangerous. First of all just be cautious! And if anything should happen, be prepared with a basic first-aide kit.

National Park Hiking - Laws and Regulations

1. Leave the national park hiking trail with what you came in with. Littering is illegal!

2. Pets and bicycles are only permitted on paved trails.

3. Smoking and national park hiking do not mix! Smoking is only permitted while stopped.

4. Horses and mules have the right of way on trails.

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The National Park Service is a great resource for anything about US National parks.

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