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When planning a Yosemite tour it is a good idea to read through our comprehensive national park guide. The Yosemite national park guide covers just about everything you need to know about Yosemite. Our national park guide covers every area including Climbing Yosemite, National Park Geology, National Park Hiking, Yosemite History and tons more useful information. If you plan on taking a Yosemite tour or are simply interested in Yosemite National Park, then you should surely read the national park guide. Enjoy!

National Park Guide Content

National Park Guide - Yosemite Tour Tips

1. For van and minibus tours, please limit the amount of luggage you bring on board the tour vehicles. We recommend only one small carry on.

2. Though meals are not included in your Yosemite National Park tour, there are several stops where you will be allowed to purchase food. We recommend you either bring spending money to buy food on your Yosemite Tour otherwise pack some snacks for the road and perhaps a small lunch and or dinner.

3. Consider this one good travel information. Dress appropriately. Depending on the time and season when you visit Yosemite National Park, you will normally encounter both warm and cold climates. If it is warm on the day of your tour, pack warm clothing just to be sure and vise versa.

Yosemite Tour Packages

California Sightseeing Tours Lodging

Dorm Bed

Outside Park

California Sightseeing Tours Lodging

Tent Cabin

Inside Park
Food Court
Outdoor Pool

California Sightseeing Tours Lodging

Hotel Room

Indoor Pool

California Sightseeing Tours Lodging

Yosemite Lodge

Inside Park

National Park Service

Yosemite National Park

Yosemite Park

The National Park Service is a great resource for anything about US National parks.

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