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Climbing Yosemite

When climbing Yosemite it is important to remember that your Yosemite climbing experience isn't simply about climbing a enormous rock. Climbing Yosemite is about climbing for something. A yosemite climbing experience is about reaching for something and gaining something in the end. Climbing yosemite will reward you with a sense of achievment and satisfaction as well as show you things about your own self that you might have otherwise never discovered.

Climbing Yosemite

Climbing Yosemite - Beginners

Below is a guide to climbing Yosemite and various free routes geared towards beginers. Please use this only as a list of suggestions and remember to research and pland your climbing Yosemite adventure thouroughly.

Route Pitches Height Time

Munginella 3 350' 1.5-2 hrs

After Six 6 600' 2-4 hrs

Royal Arches 15 1400' 7-10 hrs

Bishop's Terrace 2 175' 45 mins

Nutcracker 6 600' 2-4 hrs

Commitment 3 350' 2-2.5 hrs

Higher Spire, Regular Route 5 600' 2-4 hrs

Central Pillar 5 550' 4-6 hrs

A Yosemite climbing experience is best achieved by enjoying our 5 Day Yosemite Tours giving you time to prepare and contemplate your tasks and requirements for climbing Yosemite. If you're interested in experiencing the whole of Yosemite National Park , you may also be intrigued by our other Yosemite tours. We also offer Winter Yosemite Tours if you don't plan on visiting Yosemite National Park in the summer.

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Climbing Yosemite - Half Dome

Climbing Yosemite - Half Dome

It's something more than an achievement; climbing Yosemite is striving for something better. Climbing Yosemite is a search for your truly passionate and determined self. You can learn everything there is to learn about yourself just by climbing Yosemite. We're well know for catering to climbers and can help you climb Yosemite while still enjoying all of Yosemite National Park. Just check out our 5 Day Yosemite Tours. You'll find that a five day tour is the best companion for a climbing Yosemite experience especially when tackling the Regular Northwest Face which takes a live-changing three days to climb.

Route Pitches Height Time

Half Dome Snake Dike 8 800' 3-4 hrs

Regular Northwest Face 23 2000' 3 days

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Climbing Yosemite - Climbing El Capitan

The Nose of El Capitan has been said to be one of the most seemingly impossible tasks in climbing Yosemite. However, achieving this impossible feat makes any climber feel accomplished in his quest for climbing Yosemite. You too will feel the pride of achievement and completion when climbing Yosemite.

Route Pitches Height Time

The Footstool, Right 1 120' 45 mins

Pine Line 1 70' 45 mins

El Cap Tree 5 400' 4 hours

Little John, Right Side 3 200' 2 hours

Little John, Left Side 1 70' 1 hour

Gollum, Right 1 120' 45 mins

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If you know of any other climbing Yosemite routes or any other information you think climbing enthusiasts might find interesting, please let us know. You can contact . Don't forget that we would love to post a link to your site on our Climbing Yosemite page. If you are interested in a link exchange, don't hesitate to contact . We look forward to hearing from you!

Select Yosemite Lodging:

Yosemite Dorm Bed

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Yosemite Lodge

Yosemite Lodge

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Yosemite National Park

Yosemite Park

The National Park Service is a great resource for anything about US National parks.

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